We have been providing fulfillment services for e-shops and marketing logistics since 2008 and were one of the first to start storing, packaging and shipping goods in e-shops. We learned on the fly, continuously improving our processes, equipment and information system. Today, we can boast a service that is highly reliable, able to absorb seasonal and extraordinary fluctuations, and is also provided under favorable conditions.

In recent years, our growth has been accelerating. Fulfillment for e-shops is becoming common, especially in medium-sized ones. Thanks to this, we have been regularly increasing our storage capacity and, at the same time, our operating capacity for the receipt, storage, packaging and dispatch of goods. We believe that a reliable warehouse logistics service for a fair reward is the best solution for e-shops that choose to grow.

Company history

Expansion of operations in Slovakia, relocation to premises in the Senec complex near Bratislava
Moving the Prague warehouse to larger premises within the complex in Horní Počernice
Completion of a major expansion of the eLogist logistics system

Expansion of operations with moving to Týniště nad Orlicí

Expansion of operations in Slovakia in Ivanka pri Dunaji
Opening of operations in Prague - Horní Počernice

Acquisition of Packservice company in Slovakia

Moving the operations to a larger warehouse in Opočínek
Expansion of operations to a larger hall in Březhrad, focusing on warehouse logistics for e-shops
The first version of the eLogist logistics system

Our first warehouse operation in Spojil Pardubice. Focus on the logistics of marketing competitions